Shade sails for sporting and community clubs

Shade sails for sporting and community clubs

The climate in South Australia is perfect for an outdoor life and to say that sports are popular here is an understatement! Trips to sporting events are a family affair and sporting festivals such as Clipsal V8 car racing fills the city to the brim every year. There are plenty of clubs and facilities for sports, swimming and other recreational activities around Adelaide, South Australia. Sport facilities require shade for both players and spectators, particularly outdoor summer sports such as tennis, swimming and football. Our shade sails can be used for player interchange areas as well as grandstands.

Protection from UV rays is the primary benefit of owning one of our shade sails, and this is one that should not be dismissed lightly. With a good shade sail almost no harmful UV rays can penetrate the fabric, keeping the skin protected from sun damage such as sunburn and skin cancer no matter what time of day it is or how extreme the heat.

UV protection is not the only benefit that our shade sails provide as they are made from fabrics that allow cool air to circulate, providing optimal ventilation. Another advantage is the semi-permanence of your shade sail. As it is not permanently installed, it can be set up and taken down as needed.

By installing one of our shade sails at your sporting facility, you can be rest assured that the players and spectators will be protected from the elements and will feel cool comfortable throughout the duration of a game.

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